California Tidepools App

tidepool app screenshots


Make exploring the beach a fun and educational experience and learn about the creatures that inhabit this unique ecosystem. It's one thing to find an urchin or a fish. It's more fun to learn that urchin can live for 100 years, or that the fish is a baby Opaleye that can breathe air when young. Search a database containing: photos, common and scientific name, taxonomy, description, habitat, eats and eaten by, fun facts and more.

This app is essential for teachers, guides, students, and anyone who is curious about tidepool life on the California coast. Created by the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, UCSB Marine Science Institute, the Outreach Center for Teaching Ocean Science, LiMPETS (Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students), and volunteers from Citrix Systems, Inc.

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