Task Agreement #5: Scientific and Strategic Support of TNC Oceans Initiatives

Award Period: 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 to Sunday, April 30, 2017

Award Amount: 

$65 000

Agency Name: 

Nature Conservancy

Award Number: 

SB150143-Task 5

PI First Name: 


PI last name: 


MSI Person: 

Area/s of Research: 


Task 1: Support TNC-North America’s Oceans Program with:


  1. Support the development of strategic guidance for TNC North America’s Oceans program by participating on the advisory committee as an ocean content expert
  2. Develop scaled guidance for North America Oceans and Coasts that will serve as the foundation for upcoming strategic retreat
  3. Serve as liaison among the Global Conservation by Design team, North America Oceans, and CA Chapter.
  4. Support the Director in mapping opportunity to augment funding for existing efforts and next steps.


Task 2: Support TNC-California’s Oceans Program with:

  1. Provide expertise in southern CA marine ecology and insights based on long experience in PISCO to help design and implement the marine portion of the TNC California’s Islands Rediscovery Project.
  2. Provide strategic analysis in support of TNC California’s fisheries science enterprise, specifically in the prioritization and focus of fishery engagements.
  3. Support a planned situational analysis of Collaborative Fisheries Research in California and the ongoing efforts to develop cost-effective underwater visual tools.