Administrative Staff

Name and position Phone and email
Deanna Cervantes, Contracts & Grants Analyst 805.893.8186
Jenny Chu, Budget Unit Analyst 805.893.4305
Melia Cutcher, Purchasing Analyst 805 893-3725
Donna Dobis, Travel Coordinator 805.893.8078
Brian Emery, Computing & Network Technologist 805.893.8480
Marisol Hernandez, Personnel Unit Analyst 805.893.5491
India Morgan, Budget Analyst 805 893-4360
Veronica Perez, Personnel Unit Analyst 805.893.5620
Monica Pessino, Creative Director, Ocean o' Graphics 805.893.4522
Tim Schmidt, Manager 805.893.4093
Scott Simon, Outreach Coordinator 805.893.8765
Laura Susin, Budget Analyst 805 893-5079
Lyndi Swanson, Personnel Analyst 805.893.2682
Lynne Van Der Kamp, Contract and Grant Analyst 805893-8186
Luisa Velez, Budget Unit Manager 805.893.7915
Ryan Vizena, Web developer 805.893.4522
Bonnie Williamson, Contracts & Grants Manager 805.893.2344
Joyce Wolever, Human Resources and Payroll Manager, Payroll & Personnel Unit Manager 805.893-.7413
Jim Woods, Director of Computing
Nicole Zavala, Personnel Unit Coordinator 805.893.2209