People Affiliated with the Oceanography Research Area

photo of Alice Alldredge
Research Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
I am currently an Associate-PI with the Moorea Coral Reef Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program in Moorea, French Polynesia. I collaborate...
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Portrait of Tom Bell
Project Scientist, Earth Research Institure
I use a combination of remotely sensed imagery, advanced statistical models, and field and laboratory observations to understand how coastal marine...
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Carol Blanchette
Associate Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute
My main areas of research are marine and community ecology, and my work has largely focused on nearshore marine ecosystems; rocky intertidal, kelp...
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Portrait of Mark Brzezinski
Professor of biological oceanography Director, Marine Science Institute
Brzezinski's research focuses on a dominant group of marine phytoplankton, the diatoms. Diatoms are unique among the phytoplankton in that they...
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Portrait of Craig Carlson
Professor of Microbial Oceanography Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
As Microbial Oceanographers my groups’ research interests are shaped by an interdisciplinary blend of marine microbial ecology, microbiology and...
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Brian Emery
Oceanographer, Marine Science Institute
Brian Emery conducts research that aims to improve the maps of coastal ocean currents measured with High Frequency (HF) radar, through the adaptation...
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Portrait of Steve Gaines
Dean and Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
I am a marine ecologist who seeks solutions to a variety of conservation and management challenges by building better pipelines between innovations...
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Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez
Professor Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez is a biological oceanographer with a broad interest in mechanisms controlling diversity and function in marine biota. She...
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James Kennett in submersible off of Campus Point
Professor Emeritus Department of Earth Science and Marine Science Institute
Kennett's papers over the last 50 years contributed towards a comprehensive understanding of major paleoenvironmental and biotic changes that...
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David Lea's portrait
Professor, Department of Earth Science Affiliate Faculty, Bren School of ES&M
David Lea is Professor in the Department of Earth Science, Affiliate Faculty in the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, and a member...
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Hunter Lenihan
Professor of Applied Ecology Community, Fisheries, and Restoration Ecology Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
Hunter Lenihan’s primary research interests lie in the fields of applied population and community ecology, especially in connection with human...
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Lorraine Lisiecki
Professor, Earth Science
My research focuses on computational approaches to the interpretation of paleoclimate records. I believe that the integrated analysis of widely...
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Sally MacIntyre
Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
My research investigates the physical limnology of lakes and the biogeochemical and ecological consequences of changes in mixing dynamics. Studies...
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Robert Miller
Assistant Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute
I am interested in benthic subtidal ecology, particularly community ecology and the role of primary producers in marine ecosystems. Off southern...
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Craig Nelson Photo
Associate Specialist, Marine Science Institute
I am a microbial systems biologist specializing in the structure and function of natural bacterial communities in aquatic habitats such as coral...
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Portrait of Nick Nidzieko
Assistant Professor, Geography
Research Interests estuarine & coastal circulation, autonomous platforms, ecosystem metabolism Academic History Ph.D. Stanford University,...
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Dorothy Pak
Project Scientist, Marine Science Institute Education Director, Materials Research Laboratory
My research focuses on identifying changes in past ocean temperature, salinity and circulation on time scales of hundreds to millions of years.  I...
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Uta Passow
Research Oceanographer, Marine Science Institute
Education 1981  B.Sc. (Vordiplom) Biology, University of Freiburg, Germany1985  M.Sc. (Diplom) Biological Oceanography, University of Kiel,...
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Portrait  of Xuefeng (Nick) Peng
Post-doctoral Scholar, Marine Science Institute / Chemical Engineering
My primary research interests lies in marine biogeochemistry and microbial ecology. I direct my efforts towards understanding elemental cycles (in...
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Portrait of Alyson Santoro
Assistant Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
My research focuses on microbes involved in nutrient cycling in the ocean, especially of the element nitrogen. I am interested in cultivating new...
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Portrait  of Stephen Schroeter
Research Ecologist Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara Adjunct Professor Department of Biology, San Diego State University
My research interests include the ecology of rocky intertidal and subtidal and coastal wetland habitats. A key element in much of the work is its...
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Portrait of David Siegel
Professor, Department of Geography
My research interests are in interdisciplinary oceanography investigating physical, biological, optical and biogeochemical couplings on micro to...
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David Valentine
Professor of Earth Science and Biology
Research interests include the interactions of microbes and the Earth system.  Specific areas include the Archaea, biogeochemistry and microbial...
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Portrait of Live Washburn
Oceanographer, Marine Science Institute Professor, Department of Geography
Libe Washburn is an oceanographer and professor working at the UCSB Marine Science Institute.   He is a faculty member of the Department of Geography...
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Portrait of Lizzy Wilbanks
Assistant Professor, Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Wilbanks received her B.A. in Chemistry and Biology from Swarthmore College, where she conducted undergraduate research in synthetic organic...
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