Grace Chang

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Associate Research Oceanographer, Marine Science Institute

My primary research interests lie in the use of in-water optical and acoustical measurements to characterize particle properties and sediment transport. I am heavily involved with remedial investigations to quantify the movement of sediment throughout United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Superfund sites in coastal ocean, tidal estuary, and riverine systems. I am a PI on multiple projects involving the use of optical properties to characterize particles and also of contaminants of potential concern (COPCs). My other research interests include marine renewable energy and oceanographic sensor technology. I wish to facilitate the integration of technological developments with scientific studies to define a new paradigm for conducting earth system science research, particularly to expand our capabilities of exploration and understanding of water column properties and increase the time and space scales on which we observe and investigate earth's processes. I am a PI on an Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) project to develop a low-cost, robust ocean wave buoy that will follow and measure the wave-by-wave movement of the surface ocean in real-time. Wave-by-wave parameters will better inform wave energy converter (WEC) devices for adaptive controls, which will significantly increase WEC energy capture. Related to this research, I am the lead scientist for a Department of Energy (DOE) project utilizing WEC-specific numerical models to assess potential environmental effects of marine hydrokinetic energy (MHK) devices on coastal ocean processes.

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