Jeffrey Krause

Researcher Jeffrey Krause at sea in the Santa Barbara Channel
Assistant Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute

I am interested in how phytoplankton (microscopic algae) cycle nutrients within the upper ocean where light penetrates.  My research focuses on the ecology of diatoms, a group of phytoplankton.  Diatoms have a characteristic shell made of amorphous silica (SiO2-nH2O); they have a global distribution in both marine and freshwater environments and can occur in very high numerical abundances.

Diatoms are important because:

  • Their global contribution to primary production is similar to the rain forests
  • They are important players in the oceanic cycles of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Silicon
  • The sinking of diatom silica, and their associated organic matter, is a major component of the "Biological Pump"
  • The production and cycling of diatom silica plays a fundamental role in regulating the exchange of CO2 between the ocean and atmosphere

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3150 Marine Biotechnology Building

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2007 Marine Biotechnology Building

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