Kim Selkoe

Associate Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute

My primary research interests are split between three diverse topics 1) advancing scientific tools for ecosystem based management and marine spatial planning, 2) multi-species approaches to understanding marine population connectivity with 'seascape' genetic techniques, and 3) both studying and improving consumer access to local and sustainable seafood. I am currently a P.I. on three projects: Ecosystem Thresholds and Indicators for Marine Spatial Planning (Moore Foundation, 2012-16), Multispecies Connectivity of Hawaii Coral Reefs (National Marine Sanctuaries, 2012-13), and Direct Marketing Approaches for West Coast Fishing Communities (Sea Grant, 2012-14). I have conducted underwater fieldwork in nearshore reef environments of Morocco, Sardinia, and the Solomon Islands as part of a continuing research project to understand how community structure changes along gradients of human impact. In addition, I am a founder and advisor of two local outreach programs, the Santa Barbara Sustainable Seafood Program and a community supported fishery program serving Santa Barbara County called Community Seafood. My current affiliations are UCSB's Marine Science Institute, NCEAS (her primary location), and Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology.

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