Kollbe Ahn

Kollbe Ahn
Research Faculty Marine Science Institute Materials Science and Engineering Center

Ahn's primary research focus has been on the area of bioinspired self-healing and self-assembly that provide significant performance enhancements of adhesives/coatings/composites for biomedical and electronic applications. He has expertise in translating the understanding of natural systems into synthetic materials. He employs state-of- the-art nanoscale manipulation and mechanical measurement techniques to probe diverse materials on different length scales from single small molecules to complex polymers. Ahn received his PhD degree in 2011 from the Kansas State University, engineering polymers and nanomaterials using bioresources. He did a short postdoc stint at UC Davis, studying nanofibers, before moving to UC Santa Barbara in 2012.

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3403 Marine Science Building

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United States

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(805) 893.6074

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(785) 236.1581

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UCSB Marine Science Institute Bldg 520 Rm 4002 Fl 4L Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150 United States