Matthew Jones

Director of Informatics Research and Development, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Matthew Jones' research focuses on environmental informatics, including the management, integration, analysis, and modeling of heterogeneous environmental data.  Recent projects have produced effective new techniques for information management and analysis, including metadata standards, data management software, and data analysis software such as scientific workflow systems. Jones co-founded the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB), a long-term data archive of environmental data sets. He contributed to the creation and ratification of the Ecological Metadata Language and the Biological Data Profile metadata standards.   Recent projects focus on Kepler, an open-source scientific workflow system that Jones co-founded with other researchers; DataONE, a global data repository aimed to promote access to data about life on earth and the environment; and SONet, an effort to achieve environmental data interoperability through semantic modeling of scientific observations. Jones has a B.A. degree in ecology from Dartmouth College, and a M.S. in Zoology from the University of Florida.

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Juneau, AK

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NCEAS 735 State St., Suite 300 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 United States