Scott Simon directing students to board the lab boat

Floating Lab

The Floating Lab Program provides students the opportunity to reflect on and interpret their science content knowledge through an environmental educational experience. Specifically, middle school students—many of whom have never been to the beach or boarded a boat—are able to explore the Santa Barbara Channel, gaining an unparalleled glimpse into the complex and fascinating underwater world directly off the Santa Barbara coast. These three- to five-hour scruises take place on the Condor Express and consist of a 1.5-hour voyage to view the Santa Barbara watershed from an "ocean view" and whale watching. Once anchored, students rotate through several education stations. Stations engage students in an "Ocean View" of History and Social Sciences and the Language Arts through "Humans and the Sea", and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through "Marine Ecology," "Navigation Systems," Earth Sciences," and " Phyisical Oceanography".