close up of a kelp frond

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Student Support

The endowed Nejat B. Ezal Fellowship Fund was established to honor the memory of Nejat Ezal, a first year Ph.D. student in Marine Biology at UCSB in the early 1990’s. Although Nejat’s undergraduate degree was in Engineering, he chose to do his graduate research associated with the Marine Science Institute as he was particularly enthusiastic about the oceans and all marine life within them. Nejat's family established the Fellowship in a field which, according to Nejat’s family “…fulfilled his sense of completeness. He loved our Mother Earth and all that came with her and was forever exploring her mysteries.” The Fellowship is awarded annually in the Spring quarter to a graduate student who has completed a minimum first year of study.

The 2012 recipient is Laura Windecker who is pictured here with MSI Director Mark Brzezinski. Laura is a Ph.D. student who is studying the production of dissolved organic carbon by marine phytoplankton. Her research reflects directly on the carbon balance of the atmosphere with implications for climate change, one of number of important research areas at MSI.