PISCO Science for an Informed Society

Award Period
Award Amount
Agency Name
Oregon State University
Award Number
PI First Name
PI Last Name
Carol Blanchette
Libe Washburn
Area/s of Research
Ecology and Evolution

Established in 1999, PISCO is a long-term scientific program led by scientists from four Universities including the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The core contributions of PISCO are:

•          Conduct long-term and large-scale studies to understand the functioning of the coastal marine ecosystem along the U.S. west coast,

•          Focus on the biological and oceanographic drivers of rocky intertidal and kelp forest ecosystems,

•          Contribute science-based information that is relevant to important ocean policy decisions,

•          Engage with natural resource agencies and boundary organizations to ensure that this knowledge informs wise policy and management decisions regarding the marine environment,

•          Train and mentor university students in interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches to policy‐relevant science, and

•          Share the results of long term monitoring and experiments broadly through web-based data portals, scientific journals, and other formats that are usable by a wide variety of resource managers, policy makers and the public.