People Affiliated with the Marine Geology and Geophysics Research Area

James Kennett in submersible off of Campus Point
Professor Emeritus Department of Earth Science and Marine Science Institute
Kennett's papers over the last 50 years contributed towards a comprehensive understanding of major paleoenvironmental and biotic changes that...
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Lorraine Lisiecki
Professor, Earth Science
My research focuses on computational approaches to the interpretation of paleoclimate records. I believe that the integrated analysis of widely...
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craig nicholson photo
Research Geophysicist, Marine Science Institute Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science
Basic research interests include: seismotectonics of intraplate and interplate regions; induced earthquakes; analysis of earthquake data to invert...
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David Valentine
Professor of Earth Science and Biology
Research interests include the interactions of microbes and the Earth system.  Specific areas include the Archaea, biogeochemistry and microbial...
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