Anastasia Quintana

Assistant Research Faculty, Marine Science Institute
Lecturer, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Headshot of Anastasia Quintana

Anastasia Quintana is a professional researcher at UCSB's Marine Science Institute studying the human dimensions of small-scale fisheries management and coastal conservation in Latin America and worldwide. Her research explores how and why fisherfolk work together to sustain their fisheries and marine ecosystems in the face of pressures from international trade, capitalism, climate change, and patchwork regulations. She works side-by-side with fishers, their chosen representatives, and nonprofit organizations that work with communities. Her methods are mixed and interdisciplinary, and include interviews, ethnography, surveys, and document analysis, in concert with quantitative data analysis. She is always looking for eager undergraduate and graduate research assistants (paid positions) so reach out if these topics interest you.

Anastasia is a UCSB alumna, with a B.A. from UCSB (CCS Biology, 2014) and a Ph.D. from Duke University (Marine Science and Conservation, 2020) advised by Dr. Xavier Basurto. When she is not doing research or teaching, Anastasia is usually salsa dancing, eating burritos, or playing beach volleyball.