Craig Nicholson

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Research Geophysicist, Marine Science Institute Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science

Basic research interests include: seismotectonics of intraplate and interplate regions; induced earthquakes; analysis of earthquake data to invert for crustal structure, material properties, and the mechanical behavior of faults; kinematics, evolution, and seismic hazard potential of the San Andreas fault system in California; earthquake hazards associated with deep well activities and the effects of fluids on faults; deployment of portable instruments to study aftershocks, image subsurface structure, and evaluate the geometry of active subsurface faulting; joint high-resolution 3D tomographic velocity inversions using seismic and gravity data; neotectonic deformation offshore of central and southern California from analysis of seismicity, gravity, well logs, and marine seismic reflection and refraction data; development of new tectonic models for Pacific-North America plate boundary evolution; understanding active subsurface structure in space and time (4-dimensions) using 3D imaging, visualization and analysis tools; investigation of possible submarine crater structures offshore California and Australia; seismic sequence stratigraphy and coring in Santa Barbara Basin to extend the high-resolution marine global climate record.

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Marine Science Institute University of California MC-6150 Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150 United States