Jacob Eurich

Post-doctoral Scholar
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I am a marine ecologist and NSF Postdoctoral Scholar at the Marine Science Institute, UCSB. I joined the McCauley lab in 2018 after completing my PhD (2018, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University). My research addresses two key aspects of marine science that directly inform conservation strategies. My first objective focuses on the interactions between coral reefs and human communities in the South Pacific. I aim to understand how much coral reef-derived foods matter to human health and identify effective reef management practices that lead to levels and types of seafood consumption that promote human nutrition. My second research topic focuses on population and community responses of reef fishes to changes in habitat structure, with particular reference to coral cover, bleaching, and habitat complexity. Specifically, my past research topics include reef fish herbivory dynamics, competition and coexistence, and predator-prey interactions.

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