Collaborative Research: Belmont Forum, Pan-Arctic Options - Holistic Integration for Arctic Coastal-Marine Sustainability

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Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

Pan-Arctic Options - Holistic Integration for Arctic Coastal-Marine Sustainability has been designed in an international, interdisciplinary and inclusive manner from 2015-2020, involving cost-effective collaboration and significant match funding from current projects. The goal and four objectives of Pan-Arctic Options underlie its holistic methodology to add value across the four Belmont Forum themes. To achieve its goal, Pan-Arctic Options has engaged a core team of natural and social scientists from Canada, China, France, Norway, Russian Federation and the United States with additional collaborators from the Netherlands and United Kingdom along with experts from diverse organizations, contributing together on tasks related to:

OBJECTIVE 1: Integrate policy documents to reveal their institutional interplay with regard to infrastructure requirements in the Arctic Ocean at diverse jurisdictional levels.

OBJECTIVE 2: Integrate Arctic coastal and marine data (from the natural and social sciences) in an efficient, flexible and objective manner for diverse decision-making purposes.

OBJECTIVE 3: Integrate stakeholder perspectives about opportunities and risks in Arctic coastal-marine systems to reveal plausible scenarios about infrastructure development across the Arctic Ocean over diverse spatial and temporal scales.

OBJECTIVE 4: Distill options for sustainable infrastructure development in a pan-Arctic context, which will be: (a) derived from the integrated decision-support tool (Objectives 1-3); and (b) be shared with decision makers from government (local to international) and industry.