Collaborative Research: Origin and Evolutionary Divergence of the Pancrustacean Brain

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Ecology and Evolution

UCSB researchers in Oakley’s lab will complete parts of Objective 1 and 2, as described in the proposal. As described in Objective 1, Oakley and a postdoctoral researcher will sequence transcriptomes from approximately 16 arthropod species, and conduct a phylotranscriptomic analysis of 33 species (adding public data). They will produce a time calibrated phylogenetic tree and analyze character evolution of traits measured by the other PIs. From objective 2, they will sequence replicate transcriptomes of brain regions (tissues supplied by other PIs). They will then analyze patterns of gene expression in from those transcriptomes. Each of these aims will lead to collaborative publications with the other PIs and students/postdocs in all the collaborating labs.