A DNA Metabarcoding Approach to Monitoring Spawning Activity and Connectivity in Coastal Southern and Central California Fish Populations

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UC San Diego
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Ecology and Evolution

Professor Mark Brzezinski will oversee work at UCSB in support of studies icthyoplankton and fish eggs being conducted by Professor Ron Burton of UCSD.  Work will involve weekly plankton net tows from Stearns’s Wharf, Santa Barbara by UCSB personnel.  This sampling will leverage weekly sampling by Brzezinski’s laboratory from the same location. Net tow material will be size fractionated and preserved for the enumeration of fish eggs by personnel at UCSD.  Samples will periodically be shipped from UCSB to UCSD for processing. UCSD will provide all requisite equipment and supplies and pay for the shipping of samples through UCSD.  Local costs at UCSB will consist of personnel time only.