Environmental Assessment and Evaluation of Marine Resources at and Near Rincon Island

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Padre Associates, Inc.
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Ann Scarborough Bull
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Ecology and Evolution
Natural Marine Resources

The proposed action will forcefully remove both the high energy windward and low energy leeward habitats of Rincon Island. With that deconstruction, numerous fishes, invertebrates, and algal species will either die or, if possible, move to a similar habitat and compete for space and resources there. Alternatives would leave the island structure with surrounding gravel, rock, and revetment in place and remove the causeway while either leaving the island asphalt lid intact or removing it and leaving the sand fill exposed.
Shallow water surveys performed using scuba are relatively inexpensive and can take advantage of weather windows at any time of the year. We propose to generate a biological inventory of the fishes, macroinvertebrates, and macroalgae on the rocks and tetrapods that encompass Rincon Island and at a nearby comparison site not impacted by the island and causeway. We will use both scuba and Baited Removed Underwater Video methodology to accomplish these tasks. This study will inform the CEQA document of the scope of the present marine populations and potential severity of the expected impact.