Evaluating the Status and Trends of Southern California Forest Service Lands Through Long-Term Monitoring

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USDA Forest Service
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Ecology and Evolution


The USFS manages nearly 4 million acres of land in southern and coastal central California.  There are many resource management issues facing the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) lands in southern California, including fire and fuels management, climate change vulnerability and adaptation and ecological restoration.  The 2015-2020 USFS Strategic Plan highlights the importance of fostering resilient, adaptive ecosystems and this effort includes adopting management activities aimed at reducing the effects of wildfire, climate change and non-native species. Despite the USFS’s commitment to long-term conservation of its lands, there is a strong need for on-the-ground monitoring and data collection to generate knowledge regarding the condition and trajectories of USFS lands in southern California.  In a joint effort to better serve applied ecological science needs, the USFS and UC Santa Barbara will enter into a cooperative agreement to enhance the province’s capacity to provide analytical and field monitoring support to the National Forests in southern California. 


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to document the cooperation between the parties to provide analytical and field support to the USFS Region 5 Ecology Program in southern California