Evaluating the Status of South Central and Southern California Steelhead Populations and Stream Habitat Conditions on the LPNF through Data Acquisition and Analysis

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USDA Forest Service
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Area/s of Research
Ecology and Evolution
  1. TASKS: 


  1. Collaboratively undertake the project titled “Evaluating the status of South Central and Southern California trout populations (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and stream habitat conditions on the LPNF through data acquisition and analysis” as described in this document. 
  2. Appoint Dr. Scott Cooper as Principal Investigator (PI)
  3. Hire and pay field crews each spring/summer, and supervise student work crews and provide them with logistical support.
  4. Collaborate with the LPNF in the development of a work plan for carrying out project objectives.
  5. Assess and monitor trout populations and stream habitat conditions (based upon a suite of physicochemical and biological parameters). 
  6. Communicate with prospective project participants who will collaborate in the establishment of long-term monitoring programs dealing with trout abundance and stream habitats on the LPNF. 
  7. Maintain frequent communication with the LPNF throughout this project to review progress and set timelines for the delivery of products. Facilitate project team conference calls as needed. 
  8. Generate and deliver an annual progress report to the LPNF.  
  9. Fully acknowledge the LPNF in any published or formally presented material developed or derived from this Cooperative Agreement.