Identifying risk of forced labor and IUU fishing in tuna longline fisheries

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Global Fishing Watch
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Gavin McDonald
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Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

Following the 2020 publication of emLab and GFW’s joint research paper, “Satellites can reveal global extent of forced labor in the world’s fishing fleet”, GFW has worked to greatly expand the training dataset used to build the original forced labor detection model. This updated training dataset includes new cases of forced labor across additional fishing flags, gear types, and up through 2020. For this subgrant from GFW to emLab, emLab will work in collaboration with GFW to use this updated training dataset to retrain the forced labor detection model and update our understanding of forced labor in the world’s fishing fleets. The outputs of this updated model will feed into various GFW white paper reports, a new peer-reviewed publication detailing the updated model and results, and also GFW’s larger engagement strategy with NGO, government, and enforcement partners who hope to use the outputs of the model to inform targeted interventions and data collection. Only satellite data will be used for the proposed work. No human subjects use will be part of the proposed activities.