Leviathan Mine Stream Biomonitoring Fall 2019: research on progress of remediation activities and comparison of aquatic invertebrate communities with water chemistry

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AMEC (Great Britain) / John Wood Group PLC
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Ecology and Evolution

Scope of Work. Tasks are partitioned by season of collection (September 2015 in this case), with completion of each subtask at the listed task deliverable date:

Task 1: September 2015 Leviathan Creek field sampling for biomonitoring of stream condition, consisting of 5 replicate samples collected at each of 7 Leviathan Creek monitoring stations (35 total samples). Field protocols will be as detailed in previous biomonitoring reports, taking each replicate as 3 combined riffle areas of 1 square foot collected each for each sample, using a 250 micron mesh D-frame net, processed in the field to remove organic debris, gravel and sand (elutriated from buckets, serial washed and sorted in trays).  Sample preservation in ethanol in 500 mL containers. Work to be performed by David Herbst and Bruce Medhurst of the University of California, Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL) during week of September 21, 2015. 

Deliverable: sample collections log sheet of dates and sites.  Due Date: September 30, 2015.

Task 2: September 2015 Leviathan Creek Aquatic Invertebrate Sample Processing, Identifications and Enumerations: David Herbst and Bruce Medhurst of SNARL will perform laboratory work for macroinvertebrate processing, sorting, identifications and counts from 5 replicate samples collected at each of 7 Leviathan Creek monitoring stations (35 total). These data will support preparation of annual reporting updates as conforms with previously prepared reports by the Contractor.

SubTask 2.1: Sample processing September 2015 samples.

Sample processing will include sample homogenization, subsampling, removal of invertebrates from stream debris, and preliminary sorting into taxonomic groups.  Quality control includes checks on sample processing (splits, count minimum), condition of specimens, removal efficiency, and sample coding for each of the collections from the Leviathan Creek watershed.

·         Deliverables: Processing log sheets.

·         Due date: no later than June 30, 2016. (anticipated March 31, 2016)

SubTask 2.2:  September 2015 Bioassessment Data

Benthic macroinvertebrate (BMI) identifications from sorted samples will be made to the lowest taxonomic level consistent with previous Leviathan data (usually genus or species), including small midges and mites requiring use of slide mounts and 400X compound microscope.  All sample identifications will incorporate quality control for taxonomy and counts through confirmations both by the primary lab taxonomist (Herbst) and cross-checks by staff of the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (Medhurst).  The Contractor will compile data in Excel spreadsheet format for Leviathan stream BMI counts and taxonomic identities consistent with existing biomonitoring data from Leviathan Creek watershed, and submit to AMEC, AR, US EPA and US ACE contacts.