Mapping patterns of shark finning and shark mortality through satellite-derived fishing effort data

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Dalhousie University
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Climate Change Science

Dalhousie University will be leading a review of the global literature and conducting expert interviews to estimate total shark fishing mortality, including reported landings, dead discards, and illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) landings for recent years (2017-2018), updating results from Worm et al. (2013) which were based on data from the year 2000.

We will then combine information from their research on the prevalence of shark catch, bycatch and shark finning with satellite-derived fishing effort data for >100,000 fishing vessels tracked by Global Fishing Watch via analysis of Automatic Identification System Data (Kroodsma et al. 2018) and other sources (Park et al. 2020). We will use this information to map patterns of shark finning and shark mortality by fleet, management area, and fishing nation at a 1x1 degree square scale and identify hotspots of shark morality worldwide.