REU Site: University of California Santa Barbara's Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Ocean Biology

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National Science Foundation
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Alice Nguyen
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The proposed site REU will provide research experiences for students from under-represented groups with particular attention to recruitment of undergraduates from groups under-represented in STEM, at institutions ranging from community colleges to 4-year liberal arts colleges.  Using an interdisciplinary research, the OGCB project will contribute to creating a generation of scientists with greater knowledge in global change biology. Given that communicating climate science is simultaneously becoming more important for the nation, and also more problematic in terms of clarity and communication style with public audiences, we have included an activity that will increase the communication skills of the OGCB participants.  This project will include a science communication workshop facilitated by the PI. Finally, this program will provide the junior researchers with skills to connect their work in science to other groups affected by climate change, for example, local fisherman and shellfish growers. Thus, the proposed OGCB project provides hands-on experiences in addressing real-world problems.