TASK 1: University Internships, Post-Doctoral Positions, and Student and Staff Researcher Projects

Award Period
Award Amount
Agency Name
Nature Conservancy
Award Number
SB150143-Task 1
PI First Name
PI Last Name
Area/s of Research
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

One summer internship will be funded by TNC for this project in the summer of 2016. The intern will be based, at their own expense, in Monterey California.  The intern will conduct literature reviews, outreach, and independent research on this topic and will work with TNC staff to develop products, as described below. The intern will work in collaboration with and will be overseen by Tom Dempsey (TNC California Fisheries Program Director) and Dr. Mary Gleason (TNC California Ocean Science Lead).

Specifically, the intern will:

  • Conduct a literature review of the projected climate change impacts to the California Current LME and summarize the current understanding of this issue in a Powerpoint slide deck (this review will be limited in scope and will build upon prior efforts). 
  • Characterize the nature of climate-related risks to California’s fishing ports by compiling available information from a variety of sources on the diversity and value of the fishery landings by port, the number of fishing vessels and participants, the susceptibility of major port infrastructure to sea level rise, and the social vulnerability of California’s port communities.
  • Develop a preliminary risk assessment framework that includes ecological, socioeconomic, and governance criteria that should be considered to assess climate vulnerability and potential impacts in order to guide the development of adaptive approaches to management that can increase or maintain resiliency over time.