Task 11: Data compilation and management for Palmyra Atoll

Award Period
Award Amount
Agency Name
Nature Conservancy
Award Number
SB200210-Task 11
PI First Name
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MSI People
Area/s of Research
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

This Task Agreement supports the acquisition and open-source curation of at least two-decades worth

of scientific datasets and metadata from PIs conducting research at Palmyra Atoll. Dr. Jennifer Caselle,

UCSB-MSI, will direct a Junior Specialist in requesting data from scientists who previously conducted

research at Palmyra Atoll (focusing efforts on past members of the Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium

(PARC)), and submitting received datasets into the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) open source data

repository. EDI is an NSF funded program that actively promotes and enables curation and re-use of

environmental data. EDI assists researchers from field stations, individual laboratories, and research

projects of all sizes to archive and publish their environmental data. The creation of the Palmyra Atoll

science data library within the EDI data repository shares over 2 decades of scientific investment at

Palmyra Atoll with the world and provides a robust knowledgebase for current and future scientific

investigations tied to Palmyra Atoll. In concert with the acquisition of historic datasets, Dr. Caselle’s

team will collaborate with TNC science staff to collect information from the same Palmyra Atoll PI’s to

assess the conservation impact associated with two-decades of scientific research at Palmyra; the

impact assessment will be submitted for publication.