Task 38: Synthetic Microfiber Emissions from Apparel Washing in California

Award Period
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The Nature Conservancy
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Sangwon Suh
Area/s of Research
Ecology and Evolution

The goal of this research project is to provide a quantitative estimate of the annual environmental releases of synthetic microfibers from apparel washing in California for the period 2007‐2016.

Task: The first step will be to customize the existing global MFA model of synthetic microfiber emissions from apparel washing to California conditions and system boundaries. This requires identification and collection of California‐specific model input data, such as apparel ownership and use, washing behavior and technology, waste water treatment data, and the fate of sludge (biosolids) from waste water

treatment. The second step will be to create and run the California‐specific model and write up the results and findings in a short report.