Task 39: Sustainable Oceans Doctoral Fellow

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The Nature Conservancy
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Ecology and Evolution

The Nature Conservancy is working to improve fisheries management in California and across the globe. as part of this work, we are working to understand how community-based enforcement programs can serve as mechanisms to help fisheries managers and other stakeholder meet desired sustainability objectives. We are also working with communities to design sustainable management systems in the face of a changing climate. As part of a PhD dissertation, a Sustainable Oceans Doctoral Fellow at the Bren School will be helping TNC to address both of these issues. Specifically, the Sustainable Oceans Fellow will engage in the following tasks:

  1. Collaborate with Dr. Jono Wilson to submit a manuscript for publication on the lessons learned from community-based enforcement efforts in small scale fisheries across the Pacific basin. The Sustainable Oceans Fellow (the “Fellow”) will draft the manuscript for publication, the details of which will be agreed to between the Fellow and Dr. Wilson.
  2. Collaborate with Dr. Wilson and Frank Hurd as well as the TNC Mexico team to design an action plan for a long-term engagement in the pen shell fishery of La Paz, BCS, Mexico. The specifics of the action plan will be mutually agreed upon between Dr. Wilson and the Fellow and will include components of FishPath, Poseidon, and communitybased enforcement.