Task 9: California Microfiber Flows Analysis Phase Two

Award Period
Award Amount
Agency Name
Nature Conservancy
Award Number
SB200210-Task 9
PI First Name
PI Last Name
Area/s of Research
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

Jenna Gavigan and Dr. Roland Geyer will work with staff from The Nature Conservancy (primary contact: Alexis Jackson) to prepare a manuscript for peer-review publication outlining the California microfiber flows analysis conducted under Task Agreement # 38 under Master Cooperative Agreement #20150140. The manuscript will build off of content within the deliverable report entitled “Synthetic Microfiber Emissions from Apparel Washing in California”, but put in the context of California plastics policies and potential solutions. It will also include additional analyses aimed to groundtruth model findings and assess the potential impacts of potential interventions through model scenarios.

Roles and responsibilities for involved staff are as follows –

  • Jenna Gavigan and Roland Geyer will coordinate with relevant UCSB researchers to finalize additional analyses (groundtruthing of model inputs and/or modeling intervention scenarios) and will serve as the lead manuscript authors.
  • TNC staff will provide input around ground truthing and outline scenarios for modeling, as well drafting the portions of the manuscript on California policy context and potential interventions, and overall editorial review of the manuscript.

 The manuscript will be jointly co-authored by UCSB and TNC staff and prepared for submission to Marine Policy (or similar journal). The lead author will submit the manuscript and shepherd it through the peer review process. TNC will cover costs associated with manuscript publication.