Arundo removal and habitat enhancement in the Santa Clara River, Santa Paula

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The Nature Conservancy
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Ecology and Evolution

Studies by UCSB (project partner) are focusing on site-specific transpiration rates of giant reed and native vegetation in the Project Area and at locations along the Santa Clara River. Additionally, TNC is partnering with researchers from the State University of New York and UCSB to evaluate temporal, seasonal and depth of water use by native vegetation and giant reed using oxygen isotope analysis to determine when and the types of vegetation using stream water, soil water and groundwater. These studies will further the state of science in streamflow improvements associated with restoring native vegetation.

(A. Lambert, UCSB) has conducted research to determine the most effective methods and herbicides to control giant reed in the Santa Clara River. Giant reed treatments in the Project Area will involve employing different treatment methods depending on stand size/density and extent of native vegetation present (described in question 21) to improve project success (effectiveness).