Climate Change Science

Over the coming decades, global climate change will have profound impacts on marine and freshwater ecosystems worldwide
Group of penguins in Antarctica
Lydia Kapsenberg | Hofmann Lab

Changing climate patterns are likely to affect ocean temperature, chemistry, currents and waves, and lead to large changes in the abundance and distribution of individual  species and the functions of entire ecosystems. Similarly, changing snow/rainfall and melt patterns affecting flow timing and variability are expected to have disruptive ecological consequences for freshwater systems. Research in climate change science at MSI examines how climate change has affected ocean and freshwater conditions in the past as well as how it is likely to affect them in the future. MSI is a member of  the UC Ocean Acidification Consortium at MSI that represents scientists from across the University of California system working to integrate and strengthen our research programs to work on critical questions about how ocean acidification will impact marine communities.

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