Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Marine Science Institute is committed to diversity and inclusion in marine science.

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Rober Miller Lab

There is a significant amount of work to be done in order to create a science culture where all voices and life experiences are included. Here at MSI, we believe that one important action is to use our resources and expertise to create opportunities for others, especially early career scientists who are under-represented in the geosciences.

To this end, one of the main activities MSI researchers are engaged in is providing research experiences to undergraduates, both UCSB undergrads and those from other campuses. UC Santa Barbara is a Hispanic-Serving Institution and we are very focused on creating positive experiences for our students here, providing a welcoming and exciting on-ramp in the marine science.


Explore the many established research opportunities at MSI, along with currently available research experiences.

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Field-based Undergraduate Engagement through Research, Teaching, and Education
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Research Experience for Undergraduate
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DIVErsity in Diving Program
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Resilient Interdisciplinary Social-Ecological Fellowship Program
Explore our Opportunities
Explore our Opportunities
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Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research
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Moorea Coral Reef Long Term Ecological Research
Marine Science Institute
Marine Science Institute


Other opportunities at UC Santa Barbara

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The Promise Scholars Program

The Promise Scholar program at UC Santa Barbara empowers high-achieving, first generation students from low-income households.

Learn more about the Promise Scholars Program

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Gorman Scholar Program

The Gorman Scholars Program provides UCSB undergraduates across all STEM majors with an opportunity to receive invaluable mentoring from faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students mentors while pursuing innovative interdisciplinary research projects.

Learn more about the Gorman Scholar Program



Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science
The Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science at the University of California Santa Barbara is a multidisciplinary program bringing together marine faculty from across campus to train the next generation of oceanographers and marine scientists.

Learn more about IGPMS

CAMP group

The CAMP Program

The CAMP program (California Alliance for Minority Participation) provides resources and research internship opportunities to UCSB undergraduates in STEM who identify as an under-represented minority.  The program is part of the UC statewide CAMP program. CAMP has several programs including Summer and Academic year Research Internships, and the CAMP Scholars program that provides support towards successful completion of a degree in STEM.

Learn more about the CAMP Program

Education and Outreach

Hands-on experience with the natural environment

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The Research Experience & Education Facility

Oceans-to-Classrooms (O2C) and the REEF endeavour to provide “An Ocean View of the World” to people of all ages to increase science literacy and inspire environmental stewardship of our Ocean resources through education.

The Reef


Open Positions

Latest opportunities for an immersive involvement in Marine Science

Open Positions

Entity: California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP)

When: Summer 2023

Deadline: February 13, 2023

The CAMP Summer Research Program provides a 9-week intensive research experience for CAMP eligible students interested in a career in science, engineering, technology or mathematics. Graduate student and postdoctoral researcher mentors provide one-on-one training and support for the research project. In addition to research, the interns also participate in weekly group meetings to develop oral presentation skills, attend special seminars and present their results at an end-of-summer poster session. Students also present their research at the statewide CAMP symposium the year after completing their internship.

Internship Awards:

  • Internships will be awarded in all areas of STEM
  • US Citizen or Permanent resident
  • Identify as member of under-represented group:  Black/African American, Native American/Alaskan, Pacific Islander, Latino/Latina/Hispanic 
  • Must be an enrolled undergraduate student in Fall 2023 

Paid: $5,000 stipend at 35 hrs/week

For questions regarding the program, please, email: Julie Standish

King Crab Parasite Project Internships

Entity: Marine Science Institute

When: Winter 2023, Spring 2023

Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2023 | 5PM

With funding provided by the UCSB Coastal Fund, and in collaboration with the Sea Grant Extension Program at UCSB's Marine Science Institute, two undergraduate student internships are available to help with a project investigating the biology and possible impacts of a parasitic castrator on the California king crab, a commercially important fished species. Initial efforts will focus on methods for assessing and defining the life cycle of the parasite.

Comfortable working with marine invertebrates and seawater systems Competence in laboratory methods (microscope use, etc) Ability to work independently and with team Minimum 5 hours per week, preferably 10 hours per week.

Paid: Undergraduate Intern Stipend (minimum $500 per quarter, depending on hours)

To apply, please send an email to cassiel@ucsb.edu

Entity: FUERTE

When: Summer 2023, Summer 2024, Summer 2025

Deadline: February 24, 2023

The FUERTE Program is geared towards undergraduates who are interested in environmental, marine, and conservation biology. FUERTE is specifically recruiting Freshmen who will be Sophomores when they begin the program. The overall goal of FUERTE is to help you develop the skills you need for a career in such sciences, areas that specifically involve fieldwork when doing the research. This program is a 3-year commitment, and includes 2 summers of paid research plus funds to cover living expenses.

For requirements and applications go to FUERTE

Join the FUERTE Team!
There is no cost to participate in FUERTE.

Paid: Yes

For questions regarding the program, please contact eemb-fuerteprogram@ucsb.edu

Riparian Restoration Assistants

Entity: Lambert Lab

When: Summer 2022

We are looking for motivated students interested in ecological field work - first timers welcome. Paid and internship positions are available for undergraduates to assist with a large ecological restoration project in the Santa Clara River (Ventura County). Students will participate in all aspects of restoration including collecting, growing, and planting native plants, weed control, biological assessments, and related research data collection and analysis. A valid driver's license and transportation (mileage paid) are helpful but not required.

Paid: two paid positions available, internship credit also available



To apply, students should send their application materials to alambert@ucsb.edu

Student Spotlight (queue)


Francesca DiMundo 

Lambert Lab

Research and Restoration Assistant

Francesca is a fourth year environmental studies major and German language minor from Pasadena, CA. As part of the Lambert Research Group, she is usually found in the greenhouse or the field, growing happy and healthy native plants. She is also assisting in monarch distribution research and conducting independent research concerning pesticides and soil microbial communities in the Schimel Lab. In her free time, she loves to hike, surf, read, and explore!

I love working in the Lambert Lab because I get to be outside, play in the dirt, and make a difference restoring native habitat!

Francesca with backpack hiking in mountain trail, bluest sky