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Monica Pessino
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Monica Pessino, Tony Mastres
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Monica Pessino

Ocean o' Graphics is the Marine Science Institute graphic design and production studio, at the University of California Santa Barbara. It is a full graphics studio that services client needs ranging from idea conception through the completion of development. The studio offers a wide gamut of services to the UCSB campus and off campus clients: including print material, website design and production, video editing, signage, environmental graphics, exhibit design, wearables, and more.


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MSI website front page top fold

Marine Science Institute website, UCSB theme with a flare, launched October 2020

Top of UCSB Career Services front page
Career Services
Web design and development
Top of fishpath.org front page
Web design and development
Cover SMR booklet in Arabic
Arabic translation of The Science of Marine Reserves Mediterranean edition
Cover of South Africa climate change booklet
One of the 40 booklet collection on climate change

Monica Pessino
Creative Director

Carlos Paz
Web Developer