Welcome to the MSI Purchasing Unit

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We are here to assist you when you need to buy something, be it small, large, tangible or intangible.

Gateway Help


If the vendor you wish to use doesn’t accept PO’s there is an option to use the FlexCard. This is the purchasing credit card. There is a form on Gateway called the FlexCard Authorization form. Fill this form out completely and submit. FlexCard is only to be used when the supplier doesn’t accept PO’s or the supplier is not in the Gateway system and the order is a rush.

See instructions on how to submit a Flexcard Authorization Form in Gateway.

Suppliers not in Gateway

If the supplier will accept a PO, please obtain a quote, and click on the add new supplier link on the left hand side of the Gateway homepage.

Shipping & Receiving

FedEx pick up is at 3pm. However, in order to guarantee that your package goes out that day, please submit your FedEx Shipping requisition in Gateway by noon and have your package to MSI Purchasing no later than 2pm.

Packages are typically delivered around 9:30am (FedEx Express), 11:30am (FedEx Ground) and 1:30pm (UPS)

Home Depot PO’s

Home Depot is not a supplier in the Gateway system and will not be added. For obtaining a walk-in PO to Gateway, please fill out the FlexCard Authorization form. On the form list your items you intend to purchase, put a qty of 1 and for the price, list the dollar amount that the total will not exceed. For example, if you plan on spending $25 put $35 to account for higher prices and tax.

Gateway User Set-up

PI should e-mail purchasing@msi.ucsb.edu with the following:

  • Users name
  • Project code to give access to
  • Spending limit
    • $500
    • $2,500
    • $5,000
    • $10,000
    • $25,000
    • $25,000+
Trevor Bellefeuille
Purchasing Analyst
Andrea Palmerin Del Toro
Purchasing Analyst