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UCSB graduate student researcher Ana Sofia Guerra and marine ecologist Douglas McCauley, along with colleagues from the University of Washington, simulate the behavior of individual schooling fish faced with different levels of predation, both natural and human.

UCSB’s Benioff Ocean Initiative set out to help the endangered species in 2017 with an online tool called Whale Safe.

A new effort led by UCSB marine ecologist Bob Miller focuses on California composition, health and future of the world’s oceans.

Douglas McCauley, an associate professor in UC Santa Barbara’s Marine Science Institute, oversees the Schmidt Environmental Solutions Fellows program.

Up and down the coast of California, the region’s iconic kelp forests are disappearing.

Paper published in in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, and co-authored by UC Santa Barbara Professor David Valentine details what scientists have learned from studying the  Deepwater Horizon oil spill that happened 10 years ago.

As pollution levels drop worldwide amid stay-at-home orders, researchers consider what this might mean for the future.