Project Staff

Name and position Phone and email
Thomas Adam, Assistant Research Biologist 805.893.7625
Ethan Joseph Anadon, Lab Assistant
Eleanor Arrington, Graduate Student
Nicholas Q. Baetge, Graduate Student
Tom Bell, Project Scientist, ERI
Koby J. Bench, Lab Assistant
Laura Beresford, Lab Assistant
Emily Blair, Staff Research Assistant 760.438.5375
Carol Blanchette, Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve Director 805.893.5698
Samuel Neill Bogan, Graduate Student
Jennifer Bone, Associate Specialist
Darcy Bradley, Assistant Researcher
Charles A. Braman, Jr. Specialist
Andy Brooks, Project Scientist 805.893.7670
Alexandra L Brown, Postdoctoral Employee
Mark Brzezinski, Director 805.893.8605
Reniel Cabral, Assistant Researcher
Christopher Caldow
Sean Carey, Staff Research Associate
Peter Carlson, Associate Specialist 805.893.3217
Jenn Caselle, Research Biologist 805.893.5144
Dylan Catlett, Graduate Student
Tiffany Cedeno, Graduate Student
Lindsey Chamberlain, Staff Research Associate  714.580.1902
Scott Clark, Staff Research Associate
Michaela Clemence, Academic Coordinator 805.893.5175
Ivia Closset, Postdoctoral Employee
Dani Cox, Graduate Student
Sammy Davis
Katie Davis Koehn, Associate Specialist
Andres Deza, Staff Research Associate III - Supervisor  760.438.5375
Brandon Doheny, Associate Specialist
Thomas Dudley, Research Biologist 805.893.2911
Jenny Dugan, Associate Research Biologist
Chance English
Ryan Fass, Lab Assistant
Jason Flower, Associate Specialist 805.893.4058
Simone Francis, Associate Specialist
Sanna Galin, Research Biologist  831.247.4271
Gastil Gastil-Buhl, Specialist 805.893.2071
Jeff Goddard, Research Associate 805.364.5114
Chris Gotschalk, Staff Research Associate 406.314.1046
Elisa Halewood, Associate Specialist
Shannon Harrer, Associate Specialist 805.893.7295
David Herbst, Recall Researcher 760.258.6066
Christian Hernandez
Justin Hoesterey, Staff Research Associate 805.893.5891
Chris Honeyman
Aaron Howard, Staff Research Associate
Jessica Howard, Analytical Laboratory Assistant 805.893.3802
David Huang, Director - Computing and Field Research 760.438.5375
David Hubbard, Associate Specialist
Conner Jainese, Lab Assistant
Anna James, Postdoctoral Employee
Chris Jerde, Assistant Researcher
Russell Johnston
Janice Jones, Specialist 805.893.7061
Frank Kinnaman, Associate Specialist 805.893.7928
Tia Kordell, Academic Coordinator
Michael Kuehn, Research Associate
Li Kui, Assistant Project Scientist
Ian Ladner, Associate Specialist
Kevin Lafferty, Researcher & USGS Marine Ecologist 805.893.8778
Adam Lambert, Research Biologist 805.893.3057
Thomas Lamy, Associate Specialist
Kaitlyn Landfield, Graduate Student
Noelle Leong
Elizabeth Leshuk
Sarah Lester, Research Associate 805.893.5175
Na Liu, Graduate Student
Shuting Liu, Postdoctoral Employee
Milton Love, Recall Researcher 805.893.2935
Connor Love, Graduate Student
Madden, Jessica , Lab Assistant
Katrina Malakhoff, Graduate Student Employee
Tracey Mangin, Associate Speciaist
Ken Marchus, Analytical Laboratory Manager 805.893.3802
Juan Mayorga, Associate Specialist
Gavin McDonald, Specialist 805.893.7443
Kat Millage, Associate Specialist
Robert Miller, Research Biologist 805.893.6174
Karly Miller, Graduate Student
Paige Miller, Assistant Project Scientist
Erik Muller, Associate Researcher
J. Clinton Nelson, Specialist 805.893.7295
Craig Nicholson, Recall Researcher 805.893.8384
Roger Nisbet, Recall Faculty 805.893.7115
Mary Nishimoto, Staff Research Associate 805.893.3835
Margaret O'Brien, Specialist 805.893.2071
Carter Ohlmann, Research Oceanographer 805.893.5303
Keri Opalk, Assistant Specialist
Mark Page, Research Biologist 805.893.7568
Dorothy Pak, Project Scientist 805.893.5314
Isaac Park
Avrey Parsons-Field, Associate Specialist
Uta Passow, Recall Researcher 805.893.2363
Francesca Puerzer , Junior Specialist
Qianhui Qin, Graduate Student Employee
Andrew Rassweiler, Research Associate  805.893.4188
Daniel Reed, Recall Researcher
Eduardo Romero, HF Radar Technician 805.893.8480
David Salazar, Staff Research Associate 805.893.8480
Nicholas Schooler, Postdoctoral Employee 805.893.4123
Steve Schroeter, Research Ecologist 760.438.5953
Katelin Seeto, Lab Assistant
Rachel Simons, Project Scientist
Jason Smith, Postdoctoral Scholar  415.846.5197
Grace Spada, Research Associate
Ashley Stroud, Graduate Student
Cody Szuwalski, Research Associate
Jon Tarn
Christina Tellez, Research Associate 805.368.9209
Lennon Thomas, Specialist
Mark Torchin, Researcher
Denise Weisman, Data Scientist 760.438.5375
Ali Whitmer, Academic Coordinator 805.893.6174
Douglas Wilson, Recall Researcher 805.893.8033
Oran Young, Recall Faculty 805.284.3386