California Coastal Managers Climate Adaptation Survey

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USC Sea Grant
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Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

This proposed fourth coastal adaptation survey and needs assessment will provide a snapshot of the current state of coastal adaptation planning and implementation in California, and continues a longitudinal assessment of the changing needs of coastal professionals since 2006. The study will aim to address critical questions for enhancing coastal adaptation in California, including (1) understanding the state and context of coastal adaptation and understand how to move it forward; and (2) identifying information, training, technical assistance, financial and other support needs. An extensive survey instrument will be administered in the summer and fall of 2022. The target populations will be local, regional, state, federal, private sector, NGO professionals and community members, including those representing tribal and disadvantaged communities, involved in coastal management and adaptation. Effort will be made to approximate the total survey population from 2016 (more than 2,700), as well as response rates from past surveys to enable a statewide comparison. Results may be summarized in four parts: (1) current coastal management challenges; (2) attitudes toward climate change and adaptation motivations, actions, barriers, expenditures and needs; (3) information, technical support and training needs to further advance adaptation; and (4) demographics of the survey participants. Effort will be made to analyze results by different groupings and geographic region.