California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program & Groundfish Sampling Pilot Program

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San Jose State University Research Foundation
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Climate Change Science
Ecology and Evolution
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education
Natural Marine Resources

The overarching objectives of this statewide program (of which UCSB is a participant are: (1) Continue to monitor California MPAs across the statewide MPA network at sites designated as top priority Tier 1 sites through 2025, using rigorous standardized scientific protocols and volunteer anglers; (2) Conduct spatial and temporal analyses of the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (CCFRP) data to evaluate MPA performance and evaluate ecosystem changes for metrics such as abundance/biomass and size structure of indicator species, species diversity and community composition, and trophic structure (3) Develop recommendations for adaptive management purposes and long-term monitoring of existing MPAs; and (4) Continue and expand community outreach efforts to inform the public about MPAs and fisheries management. (5) Develop a comprehensive statewide biological sampling program in collaboration with the sportfishing fleet, to acquire information on life history and demography of key nearshore species needed to for stock assessments. The approach to achieving our objectives is based on three elements: (1) Rigorous data collection across the statewide MPA network (12 MPA sites and 12 Reference sites in the North, Central, and South bioregions; (2) Analyses of data based on advanced analytical tools for evaluating MPAs; and (3) Communication using outreach tools among fishers, scientists, resource managers, and the general public.