COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: URoL : Epigenetics 2: Predicting phenotypic and eco-evolutionary consequences of environmental-energetic-epigenetic linkages

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National Science Foundation
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Roger Nisbet
MSI People
Area/s of Research
Ecology and Evolution

Work will be focused on the generation, analysis, and publication of mathematical models of biological phenomena, and will take place entirely on campus. To accomplish this work, PI Moeller and co-PI Nisbet will share mentorship of (1) a postdoctoral scholar, and (2) a graduate student.

Models/products to be developed include:

  1. A Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) framework for coral calcification and temperature response,
  2. A canonical DEB parameter set for Moorea corals,
  3. Simulations of coral growth rate as a function of epigenetic state, energetic state, and environmental conditions,
  4. Population dynamic models capturing epi-energetic state structure, transitions among states, and heritability of states,
  5. Community models describing resource-based interactions (competition) among coral species, and
  6. Eco-evolutionary dynamic models testing for “Rules of Life” governing the degree of phenotypic plasticity (and heritability) displayed by living organisms, and their ability to respond to heterogeneous environments.