Discovering how to manage MPAs for climate resilience

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Oregon State University
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Ecology and Evolution
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education
Natural Marine Resources

Dr. Caselle will be part of a multi-university team of researchers working to communicate the science of climate change effects on marine protected areas. Caselle and will play a role in the following activities:
1) Create species distribution models for key kelp forest and fisheries species and project changes in distributions using climate projection models. Work collaboratively with colleagues at Oregon State University and US Santa Cruz to evaluate management strategies for key CA fisheries and the role of MPAs in climate resilience.
3) Convey the information to the CA MPA Leadership Team and their audiences. To ensure that the products described above are effectively communicated with the MPA Leadership Team, we will convene a series of virtual informational meetings with the Leadership Team throughout 2022. These meetings will culminate in a 2-day in person meeting in Fall 2022 in preparation for the Dec 2022 Decadal Evaluation presentation to the CFW Commission. We will also take advantage of any opportunities for informal engagement with members of the leadership team through 2022, as well as others within relevant CDFW departments (e.g. kelp group).