Equity and Wellbeing Metrics

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Environmental Defense Fund
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Climate Change Science

This project will start by developing an initial framework that will be shaped and refined through input from a diverse group of project partners and collaborators. The initial framework will also include identifying major gaps and challenges, and creating processes to resolve this over time, including developing partnerships with other institutions (e.g. academia, environmental NGOs, etc.).

Over a period of two years, the goal is to develop a set of models that will be maintained within internal operations and a partner organization, including academic institutions. This research will develop cutting edge data techniques to effectively assess changes in health, climate and other outcomes (in terms of human wellbeing) that will provide a picture of how actions that target specific environmental outcomes, either globally or in specific regions or for specific sub-populations, could impact wellbeing and equity. The research will aim to inform and support EDF’s strategic priorities as well as provide tools that have utility to the wider policy, scientific and NGO community.

Concurrently, this work will involve an assessment of EDF's climate and health oriented workstreams using this framework, in an iterative manner that integrates with EDF's strategic planning processes. Particular dimensions of these improvements to wellbeing will include: impacts on vulnerable populations, distributions of outcomes, and changes over time, among others.