The Impact of Land Use Change on Transmission Potential Networks and Disease Spread in Rural Madagascar

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Duke University
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Ecology and Evolution

Young and one (TBD) postdoctoral fellow will focus their research efforts on 1) design and implementation of field sampling efforts (Years 1 and 2), 2) screening of gastrointestinal parasites (Year 2 and 3), 3) development of a reference collection of parasites (Year 3), and 4) writing and analysis. The funded postdoctoral student at UCSB will be supervised by Co-PI Young, and will work closely with PI’s at other institution, particularly Nunn and Goodman, and with Duke researcher Herrera.

Young and the postdoctoral fellow will synthesize findings regarding the effects of land-use change on gastrointestinal parasites in particular.  The postdoctoral fellow will lead papers focusing exclusively on effects of land-use on these parasites, and will also work with all PIs to develop additional manuscripts for peer-review. Young and postdoctoral fellow will split their time between Madagascar field sites and UCSB.  They will jointly supervise undergraduate assistants working in laboratory analysis on these projects.  In addition to field and laboratory work conducted in collaboration with this postdoctoral fellow, PI Young will participate in all organizational and planning efforts for field work, and will assist with writing and analysis of integrative products.