Literature Review of Natural and Artificial Hard-Bottom Areas on the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Continental Shelf

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Exxon Mobil Upstream Research Company
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Climate Change Science

Task I: Review publicly available information on natural and artificial features in the area.

  • Identify publicly available information and datasets of natural and artificial features in the area.
  • Develop qualifiers to assess the confidence level of information and dataset to be included in inventory.
  • Inventory both natural and artificial seafloor features structures within the area. Extract information into a spreadsheet format(s) that briefly describes each structure and records the GPS locational data, source reference, and confidence level for information.
  • Review information from data sources to inform the ecological role of infrastructure in the area.
  • Provide a general description of both natural and artificial features located within the area.

TASK II – Literature review on the ecological role of artificial infrastructure in the area. 

The scope of the literature review will cover the following:

  • Ecological role of infrastructure in the area including and not limited to the effects of artificial habitat and connectivity between natural and artificial infrastructure.
  • Assessment of ecological role of artificial infrastructure in the area relative to pertinent natural habitat/features.

TASK III – Synthesize Tasks I and II.

  • Discuss ecological implications from additional artificial infrastructure development in the context of the area as a case-study.