Merging Classic and Modern Tools to Measure Biodiversity: Taking the Pulse of Coral Reefs by Integrating Omics, Bioacoustics, and Remote Optic Techniques

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National Philanthropic Trust
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Thomas Adam
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Ecology and Evolution

Project Goals:
1. Integrate traditional visual biodiversity surveys with three cutting-edge technologies, eDNA,
bioacoustics, and computer vision, to create a scalable method for monitoring coral reef biodiversity
to inform conservation and management.
2. Use integrated metrics of biodiversity to create a map that identifies reefs in need of conservation
and restoration and work with project partners to use these data to guide site selection for their
restoration efforts.
3. Create biodiversity benchmarks to assess the effectiveness of coral restoration by the Coral
Gardeners, a local NGO in Moorea, in impacting reef biodiversity.
4. Build capacity with the Coral Gardeners to monitor reef biodiversity to assess the success of
restoration and guide future restoration efforts.
5. Generate scientific and general audience articles to communicate our results broadly.