Monitoring and Evaluation of Mid-Depth Rocky Reef Ecosystems in the MLPA Marine Protected Area

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California State University Monterey Bay
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Climate Change Science
Ecology and Evolution
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

We will be part of a team of experts in MPA design, monitoring, and evaluation to help the state identify and evaluate changes that have occurred in the deeper portions of California MPAs and to help design plans for the continued monitoring of California MPAs.

Goals and Objectives of UCSB work:
1. Collect information from drop camera (BRUV- baited remote underwater video) surveys to a) demonstrate the effectiveness of new, lower-cost video tools that are being used around the world,
2. Based on a time series of BRUV data, provide an analysis and evaluation of changes in MPAs and associated Reference sites, and provide recommendations about future MPA monitoring, guided by the Action Plan.