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Cal Department of Parks and Recreation
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Ecology and Evolution
  1. Biannual UAS Surveys of the restoration sites, riding areas, and neighboring reference sites within ODSVRA to the same extent as in the previous contract. Collection of georeferenced digital imagery from visible and multispectral sensors. Production of derivative orthophoto mosaics, three-dimensional digital surface models (DSMs), and vegetation cover maps. All primary and secondary datasets will be provided to DPR ODSVRA staff on request. Quantify and interpret results on foredune restoration site using SAG-approved indicators. Asses of changes at other restoration sites in back dune areas at the request of DPR and/or SAG. Assessment of sediment transport pathways through the restoration sites over time, derived from geomorphic change maps, dune migrations and ripple patterns.
  2. Analysis of aeolian processes including airflow dynamics, sediment transport, flow-form interaction, and dust emissivity patterns within ODSVRA restoration sties, and other areas as requested, derived from onsite monitoring stations, landscape change maps (from a above), aerial imagery, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling (in collaboration with DRI). Quantify and interpret aeolian process dynamics important for understanding the longer- term evolution of foredunes at ODSVRA, and other areas on request, and their role as a dust mitigation measure. This includes interpreting the typical regimes of sand transport events and modifications of surface shear stress within evolving treatments, downwind wake effects, and related changes in sand transport, erosion-deposition, and dust emissivity within and downwind of the treatments. This result will feed back into DRI dust modeling efforts, foredune restoration performance assessments and help inform ARWP’s.
  3. Expert opinion and advise related to materials on dune geomorphology and restorations, aeolian processes, and sedimentology to DPR, SLO-APCD and the SAG. Contribute research materials/outcomes to the Annual Report and Work Plans (ARWP) and other venues (e.g., APCD Hearing Board public meetings) in consultation with DPR and the SAG.