Santa Cruz Island Reserve Infrastructure Project

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Cal Wildlife Conservation Board
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Natural Marine Resources

The project is located at the Santa Cruz Island Reserve field station, on Santa Cruz Island, roughly 25 miles south of the Santa Barbara coast. The field station is located in the center of the island, in the Central Valley that runs east to west. The field station is composed of various buildings arranged across an approximate 20-acre site. Structures include a director’s residence, a staff residence, a garage/restroom and shower facility, a dorm building with bunk beds for approximately 25 visitors, 6 private rooms, a kitchen, an office, a library, a lab building and a classroom building. Utility services for the structures include a local well for water, solar arrays for electric power and hot water, and propane tanks for cooking and supplementary hot water. An unpaved road bisects the field station and connects to other uses on the island, and a modest network of roadways provide access among the field station structures. Facilities were constructed between 1967 and 1983. Updating facilities to the current needs of the SCIR staff and community will support the future of the SCIR and the research conducted there.