Water Quality - Harmful Algal Blooms

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To facilitate the effort outlined for the HAB component of water quality the Brzezinski lab at UCSB proposes a set of observations at Stearn’s Wharf in Santa Barbara, paralleling the observational set taken by the other four SCCOOS HAB monitoring groups. Samples for the enumeration of 10 HAB species along with measures of the concentration of seawater nutrients, chlorophyll a and dissolved and particulate domoic acid will be collected weekly. The full set of regional sites for the harmful algal bloom monitoring include San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica Bay, San Pedro Bay, and San Diego (Figure 1). A SCCOOS automated pier sensor is located at Stearn’s Wharf provides a continuous data record of temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll fluorescence. We also propose adding an Imaging Flow Cytometer (IFCB) and DNA sampling to the time series. Stearn’s Wharf has been sampled as part of the SCCOOS HABS since the inception of the SCCOOS HABS effort. We will continue to sample this core site during the next years.